European Sneaker Releases

European Sneaker Releases

If you came here to read news about European Sneaker Releases we can point you in the right direction because you’re not going to find that here.

Here at we’re doing our very best to help you find sneaker stores all round the world but all the news about which sneakers are releasing where we’re not doing.

A sneaker blog with focus on all the upcoming European Sneaker Releases is

At you’ll find a good overview of the most important sneaker releases. The focus is on European releases but the releases you’ll find there will be the same in the U.S. though some dates can be different in Europa fra the U.S.

What we specially like about compared to other sneakermedias is the nice minimalistic design. isn’t the biggest website yet but but it keeps improving and with less than a year online so far we have big expectations for the website.

The writers at are working for free and it’s easy to see that the love of sneakers is their fuel.

The minimalistic design with very few commercial banners and annoying pop-ups works great on both desktob and mobile. When creating we made the same decision about display banners and pop-ups. We don’t like it and don’t think it contributes to the good user experience we want our users to get.

European Sneaker Releases

The internet is full of great ressources for discovering european sneaker releases.

If you’re looking for a specific sneaker is stille the place to go if you’re looking for pictures and info. But if you just want to get inspired and be updated with the latest news and gossip you should ad to your daily browsing routine.

Thanks for reading this post about European Sneaker Releases.

European Sneaker Releases

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